2024 Network Retreat Presentation Recordings Now Available

We had a tree-mendous time at our 2024 ReLeaf Network Retreat in Los Angeles! Below are all our presentation recordings from the Network Retreat. We hope you will find these presentations to be a useful resource.

Download the 2024 Network Retreat Agenda Packet to read speaker bios.

Tree Ambassadors: An example of socio-ecological research and community engagement

Speaker: Dr. Francisco Escobedo, Research Scientist, USDA Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station

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Presentation Description: This presentation will discuss how the socio-ecological systems approach can be used to better understand the benefits and costs of urban forests. It will then present examples of projects where this has been used to address environmental problems, including here in Los Angeles via the Tree Ambassador’s program.


From Transactional to Transformative: Strategies for Community Engagement

Speaker: Luis Sierra Campos, Engagement Manager, North East Trees

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Presentation Description: Explore the transformative power of community engagement. This session will delve into the four essential pillars: Participation and Inclusion, Communication and Transparency, Empowerment and Capacity Building, and Collaboration and Partnership, highlighting their critical role in fostering inclusive, effective, and sustainable interactions with urban communities. Gain practical strategies and insights to elevate your organization’s engagement approach, ensuring every project is responsive, accountable, and impactful in addressing the unique needs of urban environments.

Urban Forestry Hot Topic Roundtables

Facilitator: Igor Lacan

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Presentation Description: Igor will facilitate an interactive group discussion on various hot topics related to urban forestry.

Network Tree Inventory Program Update

Speaker: Alex Binck

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Presentation Description: Alex will provide an update on the newly launched Network Tree Inventory Program and highlight how Network Members are using their TreePlotter accounts for the benefit of their organization.


Federal Update on Urban and Community Forestry Program

Speaker: Miranda Hutten, Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager, USDA Forest Service

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Presentation Description: This presentation will provide an overview of federal programmatic updates including Inflation Reduction Act, staffing, and the Los Angeles Center for Urban and Natural Resources and Sustainability.

CAL FIRE’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program

Speaker: Henry Herrera, Urban Forestry Supervisor for Southern California, CAL FIRE

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Presentation Description: CAL FIRE will give an overview of their Urban and Community Forestry Program. The presentation will include services provided, grant funding opportunities, and program resources.

California ReLeaf Advocacy Update

Speaker: Victoria Vasquez, Grants and Public Policy Manager, California ReLeaf

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Presentation Description: Victoria will provide an update on current State level advocacy efforts and ways Network Members can stay-up-to-date and get involved.