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Are you a nonprofit or community group who is championing urban forestry in your neighborhood? Want to meet and collaborate with other groups to share best practices and learn together? Join the California ReLeaf Network for 2022!

Arbor Week Poster Contest

Our annual poster contest invites California’s young artists, ages 5-12, to be part of Arbor Week. The 2022 theme, “Trees Bring Us Together,” encourages kids to think about how trees and green space cultivate community and bring neighbors together.

Treecovery Cycle 2: RFP Coming Soon

Our application for Treecovery Grant Program Cycle 2 will be open soon! If you have a project idea to green your neighborhood, engage communities provide workforce development opportunities, and expand the capacity of local community groups, we want to hear about it. Proposals will be due in early 2022.

California ReLeaf Leadership Program

Emerging urban forestry leaders in nonprofits, arboriculture, and government are invited to join our leadership training starting in April 2022.

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Our mission: Empowering grassroots efforts and building strategic partnerships that preserve, protect, and enhance California’s urban and community forests.

Our Programs



Convening a Network of urban forest nonprofits for sharing best practices and peer-to-peer learning.



Providing grants to local groups to engage communities, provide jobs, and plant and care for trees in their communities.



Speaking for trees in state legislation and providing resources for community groups to find their voices.



Sharing resources and research to support healthy urban forests through local volunteerism.

Green Up California!

Trees are known as powerful carbon-capturers that help us fight climate change, but their benefits don’t stop there. Their canopies create shade that cools our neighborhoods, improve air quality, promote active transportation, help manage stormwater in our streets, create a sense of peace and calm, foster natural ecosystems in our cities, and make beautiful streets! California’s urban forests are made possible by organizations and volunteers planting and caring for trees, calling their representatives to advocate for policies, and educating the tree stewards of tomorrow. You can help!

Join the Network

Are you a community-based organization that plants and protects trees, fosters environmental stewardship, and engages communities? Join our network to access resources and connect with other groups!

Volunteer Locally

Particpate in urban forestry in your neighborhood! Search our Network directory to find a community group near you, learn about upcoming events, get in touch, pick up a shovel and get involved.


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“I think that we all can experience the ‘silo effect’ when we work in our own community. It is empowering to be in direct contact with an umbrella organization like California ReLeaf that can expand our consciousness about California politics, how we play into the larger picture, and how as a group (and as many groups!) we can make a difference.”–Jen Scott, Network Member