About ReLeaf

Empowering grassroots efforts and building strategic partnerships that preserve, protect, and enhance California’s urban and community forests.

California ReLeaf works statewide to promote alliances among community-based groups, individuals, industry, and government agencies, encouraging each to contribute to the livability of our cities and the protection of our environment by planting and caring for trees. California ReLeaf also serves as the State’s volunteer coordinator for urban forestry in partnership with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

California ReLeaf envisions a vital network of grassroots groups working in partnership with each other, businesses, and local governments across the state. Through these efforts, an educated public treasures the value of the urban forest as integral to the quality of life, economic well‐being, and a sustainable global environment. Neighbors are motivated by an appreciation of the beauty and diversity that characterize California and have filled all communities with trees that live long, healthy lives.

“Trees, tree-planters, and everyone who breathes oxygen has a good friend in California ReLeaf. Professional, passionate staff team making an impact from policy and advocacy, to grantmaking and getting trees into the ground.”-Ventura Green

Our Team

Cindy Blain

Executive Director

Since joining ReLeaf in 2014, Cindy has prioritized urban forest grant programs that best support under-resourced urban communities, where trees are needed most. The goal is to build capacity and ensure that all California communities are deeply involved in planting and stewarding urban forest projects.

This capacity building focus has led to supporting new community partnerships, providing more webinars, and one-on-one support of grant applicants and awardees. A complementary program for community development through trees is ReLeaf’s work on an educational initiative via community colleges to provide outreach and accessible training for professional tree care jobs.

Cindy currently serves on the Sustainable Urban Forest Council’s Research Committee, the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARRCA) and CAL FIRE’s Community and Urban Forest Advisory Committee (CUFAC). Her previous experience includes 6 years at Sacramento Tree Foundation, 10 years at Tandem Computers as well as various community volunteer positions related to children, schools, and art. She has a BA from Rice University and an MBA from Georgia State University.

cblain[at]californiareleaf.org • (916) 497-0034

“As a grantee, we had a wonderful experience partnering with California ReLeaf. The organization was a great mentor in guiding us through the grant process. We feel empowered to now go out and apply for various grants based on this wonderful experience.”–Rancho San Buenaventura Conservation Trust

Board of Directors

Desiree Backman
Board President
California Department of Health Care Services
Sacramento, CA

Igor Lacan, PhD
UC Cooperative Extension
Half Moon Bay, CA

Catherine Martineau
Board Treasurer
Palo Alto, CA

Greg Muscarella
Palo Alto, CA

Ray Tretheway
Sacramento Tree Foundation
Sacramento, CA

Andy Trotter
West Coast Arborists
Anaheim, CA

Kat Superfisky
Grown In LA
Los Angeles, CA


U.S. Foreste Service Department of Agriculture
Cal Fire

“California ReLeaf was instrumental in the success of Tree Fresno because it gave us the guidance, technical advice and financial support that we so desperately needed when we were starting.”– Susan Stiltz, Tree Fresno

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