ReLeaf Network

Convening a Network of nonprofits and community groups for sharing best practices and peer-to-peer learning.

The California ReLeaf Network is a group of nonprofits working to green cities across California, from San Diego to Eureka.

The Network was formed in 1991 as a statewide forum for exchange, education, and mutual support for community-based organizations that share the common goals of planting and protecting trees, fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship, and promoting volunteer involvement.

Network members vary from small groups of dedicated individuals working after hours to improve their communities, to well-established nonprofit organizations with paid staff. Activities range from planting and caring for urban trees to restoring native oak habitat and riparian areas; from advocating better tree pruning practices and helping cities develop progressive tree policies to raising public awareness of the benefits of healthy urban forests.

City Plants, Los Angeles

ReLeaf Network Members

“When I worked at TreeDavis, ReLeaf was my mentor organization; providing contacts, networking, connections, funding sources through which TreeDavis’s work was able to be accomplished. Pillars of the industry became my colleagues. This whole experience shaped the beginning of my career for which I have immense gratitude.”–Martha Ozonoff

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