First World Forum on Urban Forests


On November 28 to December 1, 2018, the United Nations and partners in Mantova, Italy will host the first World Forum on Urban Forests (UF). This first world forum will bring together cross-sector individuals, such as national and local government, non-governmental organizations, scientists, arborists, urban planners, and architects to have a discussion and learn from one another about urban forests.

This is a great opportunity for international networking and exchange expertise. There is still a lot California can learn from other countries. For instance, how we can transform our cities to become more livable and healthier, and there is a lot California can offer.

Here are some of the interesting discussion topics that will be covered during the event:

  • The role of trees and forest in the history of Landscape Architect
  • History of cities and benefits derived by urban and peri-urban forest and trees and green infrastructure components
  • The Present Status of Urban Forest in the World
  • Policy and Governance challenges of present urban and peri-urban spaces
  • Ecosystem services and benefits of UF and Green Infrastructure
  • Designing the Urban Forest and Green Infrastructure for the Future
  • A Green Vision for the Future: Architects, Planners, Mayors, Landscape Architects, Foresters and Scientists
  • Nature Based solutions
  • Local Campaign: Green is Healthy – Mental Health

See the schedule for the three day event and they will have parallel sessions where they will cover various topics. See the Save the Date for the World Forum on Urban Forests for more details. Go to the World Forum on Urban Forests Mantova 2018 to register for the event.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations created a video – in English and Spanish – about the benefits of trees in cities as we continue to combat climate change.