Health in All Policies – A Guide for State & Local Governments

A new guide for health in all policies for state and local governments is available. You may wonder why you’re reading about this on a blog about urban forestry, but if you take a quick look at the cover of the guide, you’ll quickly see that trees and greenspace are an important part of creating healthy communities.


In the guide’s preface, Adewale Troutman – President of the American Public Health Association – and Georges Benjamin – Executive Director of the American Public Health Association – say, “There is an increasing recognition that the environments in which people live, work, learn, and play have a tremendous impact on their health.”


This recognition is evident when healthy tree canopy and greenspace are mentioned throughout the guide which is based on literature reviews and primary interviews with those involved in bringing health to all policies within their communities.


To download the guide, visit the Public Health Institute’s website.