A Higher Purpose


A tree can be many things: an air filter, a playground, a shade structure, a landmark. One of the highest purposes a tree can serve, though, is as a memorial.


Recently, through support from California ReLeaf, the Incredible Edible Community Garden (IECG) was able to plant 50 trees with such a purpose.


On March 23, trees were planted at the California State San Bernardino Veteran Success Center to honor and memorialize veterans past, present, and future. The Veteran Success Center provides programs and services that are unique to the needs of service members, including a room where student veterans can meet between classes, network with one another and hold study groups. The new Veterans Tree Garden will not only memorialize their service, but also give those same students another place to connect and reflect.


One of the volunteers that day, who is an Iraq War Veteran, noticed the change the newly planted garden was already making on her sister, an Afghan War Veteran. “It was so nice to see my sister smile again and enjoy herself.”


The Veterans Living Memorial Garden will provide that kind of relief to other veterans and students who use the area, too. Recent studies have shown that time spent in green spaces not only lessens brain fatigue, but also delivers significant benefits for mental well-being.


One participant said, “This may not seem like much, but for someone who needs a moment of quiet and reflection while on campus, this garden will go a long way to getting them through their day.”


At California ReLeaf, we are proud of the men and women who have served this country. We’re honored to partner on projects like this one completed with the Incredible, Edible Community Garden. We hope you’ll join us in similar efforts throughout California by supporting California ReLeaf today.