DriWater Supports Arbor Week

California’s Arbor Week (March 7-14, 2011) is just around the corner, and to support organizations involved in tree plantings for this holiday, DriWater, Inc., is glad to donate our time-release water products. Since these plantings are often volunteer-based and in neighborhoods or streetscapes that may not have access to permanent irrigation; DriWater provides an effective solution for providing around the clock moisture for establishment of these saplings and small trees.

DriWater in partnership with California ReLeaf is offering your organization one case (20 units) of Perforated Tube delivery systems, which provides up to 30 days of watering, and two cases (40 units) of replacement gel pacs for monthly reapplications to assist in establishing these plants. Using this irrigation option reduces labor and water expense for your staff and volunteers. Please note that to successfully establish these trees, continued DriWater reapplications or scheduled watering will be necessary.

This donation can water approximately 5-20 saplings or trees for up to 90 days:

(20) saplings in D-cups (10-20) 1-gallon trees

(10) 5-gallon trees (6-10) 15-gallon trees

In turn, DriWater would appreciate the opportunity to be recognized in public relations activities around your Arbor Week events such as newsletters, press releases, website updates, etc. To confirm the specifications of your planting, contact Doug Anthony at 707-206-1437 (doug@driwater.com) in Northern California, or Lawrence O’Leary at 619-244-5221 (lawrence@driwater.com) for Southern California.  Download the donation order form here and submit it by 2/28/2011 or contact Doug or Lawrence for more information.

DriWater, Inc., a Santa Rosa, California based company that has been in business over 18 years is 100% committed to helping the planet by finding new ways to conserve water and grow trees. DriWater, Inc. has made ecological conservation part of its company credo by helping organizations with DRiWATER product donations, and also through education on water usage, tree growth, and about everyone’s role in ecology and water conservation, to preserve this commodity for future generations.