Network Members A-M

A Cleaner Greener East LA | Facebook |

Amigos de los Rios | Facebook | Twitter

Arroyo Seco Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

Atascadero Native Tree Association | Facebook

Atherton Tree Committee

Balboa Park Conservancy Park | Facebook

Benicia Tree Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

Butte Environmental Council | Facebook | Twitter

California Association of Local Conservation Corps | Facebook | Twitter

California Community Forests Foundation

California Forestry Challenge | Facebook

California Urban Forests Council | Facebook | Twitter

Canopy | Facebook | Twitter

Carpinteria Beautiful | Facebook

Chino Basin Water Conservation District | Facebook | Twitter

City of Lompoc Appearance & Beautification Commission | Facebook

City Plants | Facebook

CityTrees | Facebook

Climate Change Education

Collective Roots | Facebook | Twitter

Common Vision | Facebook | Twitter

Community Services & Employment Training, Inc. (CSET) | Facebook | Twitter

Coronado Street Tree Committee

Council For Watershed Health | Facebook | Twitter

Fallbrook Land Conservancy Save Our Forest Committee | Facebook

Father’s & Families of San Joaquin | Facebook | Twitter

Friends of Balboa Park | Facebook

Friends of Carmel Forest | Facebook

Friends of the Palo Alto Parks | Facebook

Friends of the Urban Forest | Facebook | Twitter

Full Circle Farm | Facebook | Twitter

Greater Valley Conservation Corps | Facebook

Greenspace — The Cambria Land Trust | Facebook

Growing Together | Facebook | Tumblr

Huntington Beach Tree Society | Facebook

Industrial District Green | Facebook | Twitter

Inland Urban Forest Council | Facebook

Just One Tree | Facebook | Twitter

Keep Eureka Beautiful | Facebook

Koreatown Youth & Community Center | Facebook | Twitter

Los Angeles Beautification Team | Facebook

Los Angeles Community Forest Advisory Committee

Los Angeles Community Garden Council | Facebook | Twitter

Los Angeles Conservation Corps | Facebook | Twitter


Markham Regional Arboretum Society | Facebook

Mendocino County ReLeaf

Mountain View Trees | Facebook

Mountains Restoration Trust | Facebook | Twitter

ReLeaf Network

What is the California ReLeaf Network?

The California ReLeaf Network was formed in 1991 as a statewide forum for exchange, education, and mutual support for community-based organizations that share the common goals of planting and protecting trees, fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship, and promoting volunteer involvement.

Find a Local Organization

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Who are the Network members?

Network members vary from small groups of dedicated individuals, working after hours to improve their communities, to well-established nonprofit organizations with paid staff. Activities range from planting and caring for urban trees to restoring native oak habitat and riparian areas; from advocating better tree pruning practices and helping cities develop progressive tree policies to raising public awareness of the benefits of healthy urban forests.

How much are the membership dues?

The ReLeaf Network membership dues are $120 annually. This is a suggested amount. Members can pay their annual fee here:

Thanks to everyone who came to our 2016 ReLeaf Network Leadership Workshop!

We had such a great time learning with you. Click here to watch video recordings of all the workshop talks!

Save Our Water and Our Trees!

California ReLeaf has partnered with and other collaborators (like you!) to help educate and inform the public on how to best care for trees during the drought — even as the weather cools. Click here to learn what you can do to help as a Network Member.


Please note: California ReLeaf, the organization that sponsors the Network, is not itself a membership organization. Membership in the Network, therefore, does not constitute membership in California ReLeaf.

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Network Members N-Z

North East Trees | Facebook | Twitter

Ojai Trees | Facebook | Twitter

Ojai Valley Land Conservancy | Facebook

Orange County Great Park | Facebook | Twitter

Our City Forest | Facebook | Twitter

Petaluma City Tree Advisory Committee

People and Trees

Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego| Facebook

PUENTES CA | Facebook | Twitter

Richmond Trees | Facebook

Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District | Facebook

Roseville Urban Forest Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

Rotary Club District 5340 | Facebook | Twitter

Sacramento Tree Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

San Diego Community Forest Project Advisory Board | Facebook

San Francisco Estuary Institute| Facebook

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden | Facebook | Twitter

Santa Barbara Beautiful, Inc. | Facebook

Sempervirens Fund | Facebook | Twitter

Shadetree Partnership, Inc.

Solano Advocates Green Environments (SAGE)

Sonoma Ecology Center | Facebook

South San Francisco Beautification Committee

Southern California Mountains Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods | Facebook | Twitter

Street Tree Seminar, Inc. | Facebook

Sunnyvale Urban Forest Advocates | Facebook | Twitter

The Incredible Edible Community Garden | Facebook | Twitter

Tree Davis | Facebook | Twitter

Tree Foundation of Kern | Facebook

Tree Fresno | Facebook | Twitter

Tree Guild of Arroyo Grande

Tree Lindsay

Tree Lodi | Facebook

Tree Partners Foundation | Facebook

Tree San Diego | Facebook

TreePeople | Facebook | Twitter

Trees for Seal Beach

University Arboretum, CSUS | Facebook

Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire | Facebook

Urban Corps of San Diego, CSUS | Facebook

Urban ReLeaf | Facebook | Twitter

Urban Tree Foundation | Facebook

Victoria Avenue Forever | Facebook

Walnut Creek Open Space | Facebook | Twitter

West Hollywood Tree Preservation Society | Facebook

Woodland Tree Foundation | Facebook | Twitter

Your Children’s Trees | Facebook