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California ReLeaf’s mission is to empower grassroots efforts and build strategic partnerships that preserve, protect, and enhance California’s urban and community forests.

Mission & Goals

California ReLeaf works statewide to promote alliances among community-based groups, individuals, and encouraging each to contribute to the livability of our cities and the protection of our environment by planting and caring for trees.


California ReLeaf is the only entity that convenes nonprofit and community organizations to support healthy urban forests from San Diego to Sacramento to Eureka.


By donating now, you can help create a better community to live, work and play. Your gift will strengthen our resources, allowing organizations throughout the state to plant more trees and educate more people.

What is an Urban Forest?

An urban forest is comprised of trees and other vegetation in and around our communities, including the trees in our yards and along residential streets, in parking lots and along commercial thoroughfares, on school grounds and in parks and open spaces.


Healthy urban forests are integral to the ecological, economic, and social well-being of our communities.


From cleaning our air and water to saving energy through cooling shade, from raising property values to rekindling neighborhood pride, from providing places for children to play to providing homes and food for wildlife, our communities’ trees have a lot to offer. When selected, planted, and cared for properly, trees can improve the quality of our lives for decades to come.

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