Urban Forest Managment Plan Toolkit

The Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit website is now fully functional and ready for general use. The UFMP toolkit is a free online resource designed to help you develop an urban forest management plan for your area of interest, whether it’s a city, campus, business park, or any other urban forest setting. The UFMP website provides a framework for developing a plan and includes many references and examples.

A unique feature of the site is that it provides online tools for working collaboratively with a group to develop the plan. Members of a project team can use the online tools to organize and schedule the tasks involved in developing the plan, share comments on specific sections, and jointly create and edit an extended plan outline. The outline can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document that can be edited further offline to develop the final plan.

You can also send comments, additional examples. and other useful links directly to the UFMP development team using the commenting feature found on each page of the website. Your feedback will be used to improve the site.