Our 2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends of ReLeaf,

Thank you for being a champion of California’s urban forests. We greatly appreciate your support of California ReLeaf. Over the last year, we’ve celebrated transformative community-based canopy projects of our grantees and ReLeaf Network members’ resulting in thousands of trees planted and cared for. We have also celebrated greater government recognition for nature-based solutions at the state and federal levels, which has resulted in unprecedented new public funding streams for urban forestry in the upcoming years. Together we are making a difference!

Our 2022 Annual Report highlights our major programs, partnerships, and the inspiring work of our grantees and over 75 ReLeaf Network members. As we look to 2023, we recognize there is much work ahead in California to continue to grow and care for our urban forests, especially as we cope and adapt to the new realities of extreme heat, continued drought, and pollution.

Your support matters now more than ever! Please consider making a donation to California ReLeaf in 2023 to help support urban greening and tree canopy grant projects across the state. Together we can make an impact – planting a healthier and more resilient future for California one tree at a time.


Tree Cheers,



Cindy Blain

Executive Director