Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry Program Funding Opportunity: Resources and Webinars

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The USDA Forest Service released its Urban & Community Forestry Inflation Reduction Act Grants – Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on April 12th. Application Deadline: June 1, 2023 by 8:59 Pacific Time/ 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Award notifications will be announced by October 1, 2023.

National IRA Grant Resources

UCF IRA NOFO General Training Webinars

  • USDA Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program will host a series of two webinars will review how to use the online application portal and application requirements. These webinars will be recorded and put on the portal website afterward.
  • CAUFC Hosted Webinar with Miranda Hutten from the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region

Tutorial Videos

Pacific Southwest Regional Resources

Contact Information

  • For grant opportunity assistance and questions, contact:
  • For technical assistance with the online Grant Portal and for help uploading .pdf files, contact: