Drought in the News

Here are a few great media resources for news on trees in the drought:

“We’re trying to educate the community while scaling down on landscape watering during conservation” from San Jose Mercury News
“It’s an emergency situation. These trees are everywhere, all around us, and are suffering” from San Jose Mercury News
“There might be more important things than trees; but we’re pretty darned sure we’ll miss them if we let the drought take them away” from Appeal-Democrat
“As California cuts water use during drought, concerns rise over city tress dying and falling” from U.S. News & World Report
“Amid California drought, fears rise of trees dying, falling” from San Jose Mercury News
“Statewide Campaign Launched to ‘Save Our Water and Our Trees’ in Drought” from TreePeople.org
“Save our water and Our Trees” from SaveOurWater.com