Advocacy: Improving Nonprofit-Government Contracting






On October 27th, 2022 California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) released a letter about improving nonprofit-government contracting to state leaders from the California Coalition on Government Contracting. 

The letter is the product of an effort by a new statewide California Contracting Coalition (Over 500 organization leaders represented) of service providers and grantees convened by the CalNonprofits.

This work grows out of compelling testimony provided at a legislative hearing held earlier this year, bringing to light the intense pressures being felt by nonprofits that contract with the state to deliver vital services at rates below actual costs – even as the state experiences record budget surpluses. The Coalition, joined by hundreds of nonprofit and philanthropic colleagues, asks for near-term state action to enact improvements to the way government and nonprofits work together to provide a wide range of services every day to millions of Californians. 

Actions you can take:

  1. Read the Contracting Coalition Letter and Press Release
  2. Contact your California Representatives. Forward the Contracting Coalition Letter to your Assemblymember and State Senator with a sentence like “We’re part of this and want you to be, too.” Find your state representativesHERE
  3. Share the Contracting Coalition Letter via email, newsletters, and social media, and encourage your network to support this effort.
  4. Join the CalNonprofits Policy Alert Email List to stay up-to-date on this campaign.