What’s a QR Code?

You’ve probably seen them before – that little black and white square on a magazine ad that looks vaguely like a barcode. It’s a Quick Response code, usually abbreviated QR code. These codes are matrix barcodes initially used by the automotive industry when shipping cars. Since the invention of the smartphone, QR codes have become popular in everyday life because of their fast readability and large storage capacity. They’re typically used to send a user to a website, deliver a text message, or transfer a phone number.

How can QR codes help tree planting organizations?


Use your phone to scan this QR code.

QR codes are easy to get and easy to share. They’re a great way to send your audience directly to a website. For example, let’s say your organization is planning a tree planting event and you’ve distributed flyers throughout the community. A QR code could be printed at the bottom of the flyer and used to link people directly to the event registration page from their smartphone. Maybe you’ve just developed a new brochure detailing your organization’s programs. A QR code could be printed to send someone to a donation or membership page.

How do I create a QR code?

It’s easy and free! Simply go to this QR code generator, type in the URL you’d like to send people to, choose your code size, and hit “Generate”. You can save the image to be printed or you can copy and paste a code to embed the image on a website.

How do people use QR codes?

That’s also easy and free! Users download a QR code reader from their phone’s app store. After it’s downloaded, they open the app, point their phone’s camera, and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, they’re taken directly to your site.