Urban Forest Leadership Training

California ReLeaf invites emerging urban forestry leaders in nonprofits, arboriculture, and government to join its leadership training in April 2022. The leadership training program is a critical investment needed to fuel a sustainable workforce for an ever-expanding and urgent industry. By convening existing individual talent in the field across three diverse branches and providing personal and professional development in a cohort model, we can collectively better advance California’s urban forestry’s goals of cleaner air, healthier communities, and a thriving urban canopy.


Applications are Due February 28, 2022

Program Details

The leadership training will include….

  • 24 impactful emerging leaders from nonprofit, public, and private industries learning together in a cohort setting

  • Ten virtual sessions and labs on First and Third Tuesdays from April to November 2022, taking place on Zoom

  • Curriculum built for the purpose‐driven leader, who desires to be more impactful and strategic

  • Learning how to empower people, build strategic relationships, leverage resources, and lead through uncertain and challenging times

  • A special blend of education, peer engagement, and hands-on skillbuilding will increase each participant’s capacity to make positive change in their communities

  • Stronger partnerships between three branches of urban forestry, with the goal of together working toward healthy urban forests across all California communities

    and is free for all participants! A stipend is also available to the nonprofit organizations to offset the cost of having their employees attend the program on company time.

Program Facilitator Bio

Katie McCleary, MFA, is a social‐entrepreneur and storyteller who leverages the lived experiences and cultural and social capital of community leaders, creatives, and everyday dreamers, to launch big ideas in unique ways that stick. She is the founder of 916 Ink, a nonprofit that has transformed over 4,000 vulnerable children and teens into confident authors whose authentic voices are featured in more than 200 publications.

Additionally, she is the co‐founder and host of “The Drive” podcast on NPR’s CapRadio, in partnership with The American Leadership Forum, which showcases the transformative stories of the Sacramento region’s most visible leaders. Her book, Bridge The Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships From Challenging to Collaborative will be available 2/22/22.