Tree Lodi Revitalizes New Park

On Saturday, February 11, from 10 am to 2pm, our friends at Tree Lodi will be planting 180 trees in a 15-acre portion of the new DeBenedetti Park.  The park is located at the corner of Century Blvd. and Lower Sacramento Road in Lodi.   On Saturday, April 7th, they will be celebrating Arbor Day in Lodi with a follow-up tree planting and other tree related events, including a free tree giveaway.

Tree Lodi is a community-based non-profit organization created to promote, and advocate for the planting, maintenance and preservation of Lodi’s urban forest through education, stewardship, and community involvement.  They are arborists, business owners, employees, homemakers, and retired folks . . . citizens just like you.  They appreciate trees, and what they do for the community and the environment and are  determined to make a difference in Lodi’s urban forest.

Please consider joining them for this exciting time and contributing to this effort.  More information is available on their Tree Lodi Facebook Page.