Tree Care Starts Early

nursery specsArboriculture starts in the nursery. The importance of young tree structure both above and below ground has lead to the development of two publications by the Urban Tree Foundation: “Guideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality” and “Strategies for Producing High Quality Container Root Systems, Trunks, and Crowns.” These documents represent an effort to combine industry input with the most recent, tested scientific practices to address nursery tree quality and production.

“Guideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality” provides specifications for selecting and specifying quality nursery trees in California, with a focus on container stock. Key traits of nursery trees are identified and described to provide growers and buyers with the information they need to distinguish good-quality stock from poor-quality stock.

“Strategies for Producing High Quality Container Root Systems, Trunks, and Crowns” presents approaches to assist growers in producing trees that conform to the guidelines presented in the first publication. These strategies are based on recently published and ongoing research as well as the knowledge, skill, and know-how of both the practitioner and researcher. As research progresses and new strategies are developed, this document will be revised to incorporate state-of-the-art information.

For more information or to have your questions answered, contact Brian Kempf, Director of the Urban Tree Foundation at Links to both publications are below.

Guideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality

Strategies for Growing a High-Quality Root System, Trunk & Crown in a Container Nursery