Resources for the ReLeaf Network during COVID-19 Disruption

We recognize you are receiving a high volume of information about how to deal with COVID-19. Below are some resources on tree planting and care during COVID and emergency relief.

Webinar: Tree Planting & Care During COVID

PDF Presentation

Tree Activities During COVID Zoom Chat Session
To complement the webinar, ReLeaf will also be hosting a session via Zoom on Friday, September 18 at 11 am. We plan to open the discussion for peer to peer guidance on how to continue planting and caring for trees during COVID. This session will not be recorded. You can talk about any particular COVID challenges your organization is facing as well as share and bounce ideas. Register here!

Webinar: Network Conversation About Coronavirus

Navigating COVID 19 for Nonprofits Worksheet

Tree Care During COVID

Examples from ReLeaf and Network Members on Safety:

Other Resources:

Government Funding Support Resources (Fed, State, and Small Business Administration)

Funding and Donor Relations Recommendations

Working from Home: Tips & Resources

Multi-Topic Info Sites