Online Urban Forestry Classes at Oregon State University

The following online urban forestry courses are being offered through the Oregon State University Ecampus Program:

FOR/HORT 350 Urban Forestry – Winter Quarter 2012

This introductory urban forestry course is ideal for anyone working in urban natural resources, parks and recreation, public works, or planning fields. It covers a wide breadth of urban forestry topics. Prerequisite is any introductory forestry or horticulture course, or prior experience working in an urban natural resource environment. This course is currently only being taught Fall and Winter quarters.

FOR/HORT 455 Urban Forest Planning Policy and Management – Winter Quarter 2012

This advanced urban forestry class is a required course in the new BS in Natural Resources – Urban Forest Landscape Option, and is also suitable for any Forestry, Natural Resources, or Horticulture Student who is planning to work in urban areas. It would also be ideal for people relatively new to the urban forestry profession who would like some in-depth knowledge and experience working on urban forestry issues in a learning environment. Prerequisite is FOR/HORT 350 or experience in urban forestry. This course is currently only being taught Winter quarters.

FOR/HORT 447 Arboriculture – Spring Quarter 2012

This is a technical class exploring the principles and practices of arboriculture. Prerequisite is an intro Forestry or Horticulture class, and a plant or tree ID class. This course is currently only being taught Spring quarters.

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