Official Press Release: Spanish-language Tree Care Videos Available!

Click here for Save Our Water in Spanish!

Save Our Water, the U.S. Forest Service and California ReLeaf have partnered to create two Spanish-language videos that demonstrate how to best care for trees during California’s drought. Proper tree care and water conservation remain important even as California moves into a potentially wet winter due to El Niño conditions.

The launch of these videos comes as the state moves forward with the California Climate Investments – projects funded by CAL FIRE’s Urban & Community Forestry program which will plant and care for trees in many Latino communities. As California’s environmentally conscientious Latino population becomes more engaged in combating climate change, these videos will help individuals and communities strengthen their collective efforts to protect California’s trees and neighborhoods.

With the season changing, Californians have the opportunity to re-think and re-do their landscapes to better prepare for the “new normal” of ongoing water conservation. Save Our Water is encouraging residents to rethink their yards to “Fix It For Good” by concentrating on planting and caring for woody plants and trees: replacing thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant shrubs, grasses, and warm-season turf, and learning how to maintain and sustain our valuable urban environments.

“Many Californians recognize that even though we are approaching winter, the state remains gripped by drought and we must continue the momentum of conservation,” said Jennifer Persike, Deputy Executive Director of External Affairs and Member Services of the Association of California Water Agencies. “These new videos will serve as additional tools to help Californians cope with the effects of the drought.”

Even as trees go dormant for the winter, these videos and tips offer valuable information for individuals and communities who want to better care for their trees year-round. A wet winter likely will not reverse the effects of California’s longstanding drought, but empowering residents to protect and nurture their trees will have a lasting impact as California strives to build more resilient communities.

“We’ll continue to have hot summers and extreme dry spells in California,” said Cindy Bain, Executive Director of California ReLeaf. “Carefully watering big trees once or twice a month during dry spells will keep your family’s home and yard shaded and cool, while also cleaning the air and water.” California ReLeaf is a statewide urban forest nonprofit providing support and services to over 90 community nonprofits that plant and care for trees.

The new videos educate Spanish-speaking viewers on what they can do to help their trees: first briefly sharing the benefits of California’s trees and then leading viewers through an easy step-by-step process of how to water trees when residents stop watering their lawns.

View the videos on the U.S. Forest Service YouTube Channel,, or at

CAL FIRE and Davey Tree Expert Company provided technical support for the videos.