Facilitating for Difference Resources

This year we hosted two Facilitating for Difference workshop, led by Amanda Machado and Jose Gonzalez. Here are the resources they passed along for further learning.

Resources provided by Amanda Machado & Jose Gonzalez

Approaches to Power Inequities – Moving to a social justice approach:

  1. 5 questions every anti-racist organization should be able to answer
  2. 8 ways POCs are tokenized in nonprofits
  3. The need for black rage in philanthropy
  4. The urgency of intersectionality

White Supremacy Culture

  1. On individualism and loneliness:
    The age of loneliness is killing us
  2. On paternalism:
    The White Savior Industrial Complex
  3. On paternalism, sense of urgency, and either/or thinking:
    The reductive seduction of other people’s problems
  4. Solutions for power hoarding, objectivity, and paternalism:
    In philanthropy, who is actually broken?
  5. Solutions for perfectionism, individualism, and sense of urgency:
    We’re giving our kids bad advice about how to succeed in life.
  6. Solutions for power hoarding:
    How a White House women’s office strategy went viral

Other facilitation tools and practices:

  1. Pair- Share & Pair-Share-Square
  2. Liberating Structures
  3. Network Weaving
  4. Resources on practicing nonviolent communication