Facilitating for Difference

Resources provided by Amanda Machado & Jose Gonzalez

Approaches to Power Inequities – Moving to a social justice approach:

  1. 5 questions every anti-racist organization should be able to answer
  2. 8 ways POCs are tokenized in nonprofits
  3. The need for black rage in philanthropy
  4. The urgency of intersectionality

White Supremacy Culture

  1. On individualism and loneliness:
    The age of loneliness is killing us
  2. On paternalism:
    The White Savior Industrial Complex
  3. On paternalism, sense of urgency, and either/or thinking:
    The reductive seduction of other people’s problems
  4. Solutions for power hoarding, objectivity, and paternalism:
    In philanthropy, who is actually broken?
  5. Solutions for perfectionism, individualism, and sense of urgency:
    We’re giving our kids bad advice about how to succeed in life.
  6. Solutions for power hoarding:
    How a White House women’s office strategy went viral

Other facilitation tools and practices:

  1. Pair- Share & Pair-Share-Square
  2. Liberating Structures
  3. Network Weaving
  4. Resources on practicing nonviolent communication