SF Launches Sidewalk Garden Project

Project Aims to Reduce Stormwater Impacts and Beautify Neighborhoods


WHO: The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, local non-profit organization Friends of the Urban Forest, community volunteers, with participation by District 5 Supervisor London Breed’s Office.


WHAT: Community volunteers to plant the first block-long sidewalk garden as part of a project to replace thousands of square feet of concrete sidewalk in San Francisco with thriving gardens that capture stormwater and reduce the burden on the City’s combined sewer system. Property owners in specific areas on the East side of the City may be eligible to green their neighborhood block for the cost of the sidewalk garden permit. Other costs, including concrete removal, materials and plants will be provided free of charge through the SFPUC and FUF partnership.


WHEN: Saturday, May 4 at 9:30 a.m., the event will kick off with remarks by Sup. Breed’s Office and representatives of the SFPUC and FUF. Following the opening remarks, volunteers will install the sidewalk garden until 1 p.m.


WHERE: Zen Center, 300 Page St. between Buchanan and Laguna streets, which is the site of the first garden to be installed as part of the Sidewalk Garden project.


WHY: The Sidewalk Garden Project is among several projects the SFPUC will pursue over the next several years to help manage the City’s stormwater and beautify neighborhoods.


DETAILS: Available at https://www.friendsoftheurbanforest.org/sidewalkgardens.