Lobby Day and ReLeaf Network Retreat 2018

May 2-3, 2018
Sacramento, California

May 2nd will be a full day of lobbying.
Time and Location: 8:30am – 7pm at the Downtown and Vine – 1200 K Street Suite 8, Sacramento, CA 95814

May 3rd will be the ReLeaf Network Retreat.
Time and Location: 9am – 4pm at The California Endowment – 1414 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Recording from Network Retreat:

Network: Lobby Day Experiences & Take-Aways Discussion
Hosts: Liz Skrzat, City Plans & Chuck Mills, California ReLeaf

Re-Oaking California Communities: Native Habitat & Carbon Storage
Speaker: Erica Spotswood, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Tree Wizard Award: Dr. E. Gregory McPherson
Hosts: Chuck Mills, California ReLeaf & Igor Lacan, ReLeaf Board

Network Communications: Collectively Communicating Better
Hosts: Amelia Oliver & Cindy Blain, California ReLeaf

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