Conversation with Ken Knight

Current Position: Executive Director, Goleta Valley Beautiful

What is/was your relationship to ReLeaf?

I was a Board member of Goleta Valley Beautiful for 6 years beginning in the mid 1990’s before transitioning to Executive Director in 2001. We have been a member of California ReLeaf since 1992

What did/does California ReLeaf mean to you?

California ReLeaf is like an extended family. You may not see them as often as you like, but when you do, there are warm connections, sharing of past experiences and planning for future events.

Best memory or event of California ReLeaf?

I liked the annual Network meetings when we would go to college dorms during summers or in between semesters. The atmosphere created a feeling of togetherness.

Why is it important that California ReLeaf continue its Mission?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of urban forestry. Without an organization to help us recharge and find resources, we will all be the poorer.