Pulling Together Initiative Grants

Deadline: May 18, 2012

Administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Pulling Together Initiative provides funding for programs designed to help control invasive plant species, mostly through the work of public/private partnerships such as cooperative weed management projects.

PTI grants provide an opportunity to initiate working partnerships and demonstrate successful collaborative efforts such as the development of permanent funding sources for weed management areas. To be competitive, a project must prevent, manage, or eradicate invasive and noxious plants through a coordinated program of public/private partnerships and increase public awareness of the adverse impacts of invasive and noxious plants.

Successful proposals will focus on a particular well-defined area such as a watershed, ecosystem, landscape, county, or weed management area; incorporate on-the-ground weed management, eradication, or prevention; target a specific and measurable conservation outcome; be supported by private landowners, state and local governments, and the regional/state offices of federal agencies; have a project steering committee composed of local cooperators who are committed to working together to manage invasive and noxious plants across their jurisdictional boundaries; have a clear, long-term weed management plan based on an integrated pest management approach using the principles of ecosystem management; include a specific, ongoing, and adaptive public outreach and education component; and integrate an early detection/rapid response approach to response to invasives.

Applications will be accepted from private nonprofit 501(c) organizations; federally recognized tribal governments; local, county, and state government agencies; and from field staff of federal government agencies. Individuals and for-profit businesses are not eligible to receive PTI grants, but are encouraged to work with eligible applicants to develop and submit applications.

It is anticipated that the initiative will award a total of $1 million this year. The average range of award amounts is typically $15,000 to $75,000, with some exceptions. Applicants must provide a 1:1 non-federal match for their grant request.

Pulling Together Initiative will begin accepting applications March 22, 2012.
Pre-proposals are due May 18th, 2012.