Port of Long Beach – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Grant Program

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Grant Program is one of the strategies that the Port uses to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gases (GHGs). While the Port uses best available technologies to mitigate GHGs on its project sites, significant GHG impacts cannot always be addressed.  As a result, the Port is seeking GHG-reducing projects that can be implemented outside the boundaries of its own development projects.

A total of 14 different projects, grouped into 4 categories, are available for funding under the GHG Grant Program.  These projects have been selected because they cost-effectively reduce, avoid, or capture GHG emissions, and because they are accepted by federal and state agencies and building trade groups.  They will also reduce energy use and save the grant recipients money in the long run.

One of the 4 categories is Landscaping Projects, which includes urban forests.  Click here to download the guide or visit the Port of Long Beach website for more information.