Google Maps Engine for Nonprofits

WWF Google Map

Sample map from a WWF project

Has your organization been surveying your community’s forest? Would you like to start mapping that information? Google offers a great grant opportunity that might help!


Google Maps Engine is for organizations who have lots of raster and vector data and are excited to use the cloud-based infrastructure to store, process and publish this data. Set different access permissions for who can view, edit, or publish your map data. Click here to find out more about the engine.


Google Maps Engine Grants accounts include:


  • 10GB Storage quota for raster and vector datasets
  • 250,000 internal pageviews
  • 10 Million external pageviews for publishing data on public-facing websites
  • Technical Support (however, the support team will prioritize paying customers over grantees)


Visit this website to find out if your organization is eligible and how you can apply.