Interview with Corey Brown

Cory Brown, Attorney/Program Officer, Resources Legacy Fund

What is/was your relationship to ReLeaf?

From 1990 to 2000, I directed the Trust for Public Land’s Sacramento office and the Western Region’s government affairs program when CA ReLeaf was a project of TPL.  During the earlier years, I worked closely with CA ReLeaf staff on legislative, funding, and public policy issues.  In the latter years, CA ReLeaf staff reported to me.  Since I left TPL in 2000, I have not worked with CA ReLeaf.

What did/does California ReLeaf mean to you, personally?

Very good organization that helps establish, nourish, provide grants to, and organizes urban forestry groups throughout CA.

What is your best memory or event of California ReLeaf?

Working with CA ReLeaf staff on a variety of efforts to protect and expand public funding for urban forestry and other conservation issues.

Why is it important that California ReLeaf continue its Mission?

Urban forestry contributes significantly to our quality of life and our environment.  CA ReLeaf plays a vital role in making sure CA has a healthy urban forestry movement.