Legislature Makes Arbor Week Official

California Arbor Week was celebrated from March 7-14 throughout the state this year, and thanks to the help of Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D – Sacramento) will continue to be recognized for years to come.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 10 (ACR 10) was introduced by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, sponsored by California ReLeaf and passed by both the Assembly and Senate last week to proclaim March 7-14 of each year as California Arbor Week, urging California residents to observe the week with appropriate tree planting activities and programs.

“I am proud to have been a part of a tremendously successful California Arbor Week” said Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, “The benefits of the increased activism from our plantings, education, and preservation will last for generations in our communities, forests, and our hearts.”

Research shows that trees clear pollution from the air, catch significant rainwater, add to property values, cut energy use, increase commercial activity, reduce stress, improve neighborhood safety and enhance recreation opportunities.

Over 50 events and celebrations occurred around the state this year, from Eureka to San Diego, and California ReLeaf is raising money to support tree-planting initiatives and local organizations for 2012’s celebrations. Click here to read the full text of Resolution ACR 10, and visit www.arborweek.org for more information.