A Second Chance to Connect Trees to Water Quality

California’s State Legislature voted on July 5th to move the $11 billion water bond slated for the November 2012 Ballot to 2014, thus opening an opportunity to craft a more economically feasible and environmentally responsive product for voters to consider over the next 24 months. This is the second time the bond vote has been delayed since 2010.


What a more “economically feasible” and “environmentally responsive” bond looks like depends largely on who you ask. But what is certain is that the current version does not contain funding for urban greening. In fact, it is the first water/resources bond in over a decade to omit these essential resources from the funding slate.


And so the stage is set for this community to make the case over the next several months through new and existing projects the clear role for urban forestry in the next water bond. From TreePeople’s Miracle on Elmer Avenue to Urban ReLeaf’s 31st Street Demonstration Project to Hollywood Beautification Team’s Water Reclamation Technology Project, urban forestry is providing cutting-edge solutions for stormwater management, groundwater recharge and improved water quality that require continued investment and deserve statewide support.