Volunteers Give Valuable Time

Many of us in the nonprofit world would say that the time volunteers donate to our organizations is priceless. And in practically every way it is.


Each year though, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Independent Sector place a value on the time volunteers donate to charitable causes. Nonprofit organizations can use this amount to quantify the enormous value  their volunteers provide. The estimated national value of volunteer time in 2012 (it’s always a year behind) is $22.14 per hour – up 35 cents from last year. Here in California, the rate is even higher – $24.75 – up 57 cents from last year.


This estimate helps acknowledge the millions of individuals who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. In 2012, volunteers donated over 312,000 hours to plant, care for, and grow California’s urban forests. That equates to $7.7 million worth of skill and time given! Even though that number is impressive, we still think that volunteers are priceless.

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