Neighbors Rally at HBTS Event

On August 24, a few volunteers met to plant ten trees in Burke Park in Huntington Beach. It turned out that the park, surrounded by a residential area, was the perfect spot for the Huntington Beach Tree Society to plant trees and educate volunteers about their importance.


Jean Nagy, the Tree Society’s Executive Director, explained, “When volunteers started planting early that morning, it seemed like the neighbors could not stay in their homes. So many of them just had to give a helping hand.”


The homeowners were thankful for the work done to beautify the park. What they may not realize is that those trees are also raising their property values, cleaning the air they breathe, and increase the likelihood that they will be more physically active.


This tree planting was possible because of a grant awarded to the Huntington Beach Tree Society by California ReLeaf. ReLeaf supports programs like this one to meet the critical need of creating and sustaining healthy communities in California. To find out more about projects like this one, visit our grants page. To make sure more trees are planted and cared for in California, donate now.