In Philippines, 64,000 trees planted in 15 minutes

From– Speedy tree planting may be the answer to the world’s dwindling forest problem. On February 23, 2011 over 64,000 trees were planted in 15 minutes, breaking the world record for the most trees planted simultaneously. The Independent reports that almost 7,000 people helped to plant saplings in the Philippines province of Camrines Sur. The planting was part of a government-backed program aiming to plant 12 million trees in the region’s logged forests. Forests in the Philippines are considered to be one of the ten most threatened forests in the world.

Conservation International reports that these threatened forests store over 25 gigatons of carbon. Meanwhile, 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation. In an effort to protect the world’s forests, and in turn, protect all citizens of the world, the UN has proclaimed 2011 the International Year of the Forest.