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Rotary Club is partnering with California ReLeaf Network Members

Rotary Club President Ian Riseley has set a challenge for 2017-18 to help support the environment by planting 1 tree per Rotary Club member by Earth Day 2018. This is a great legacy the Rotary Club can leave to show future generations their support for years to come.

This is how an urban forest in your community can look. Location Sacramento, CA.

California ReLeaf is supporting the Rotary Club in their efforts by providing various District Clubs with information about trees — from tree planting to watering and maintenance. In addition, Rotary Club chapters can work with ReLeaf’s Network of almost 100 organizations throughout the state to plant trees in your local community and develop a maintenance plan.

Given the semi-arid climate in California, it is critical that you water and care for young trees, especially in the first 5 years after planting.

Tree Care: Educational Material

Tree Selection, Planting and Care – Information:

  • Tree Selection, Planting and Care: click here

  • Tree Care Cue Cards in English & Spanish, useful if you are working in a bilingual community: click here

  • Tree Watering videos: click here

  • As Californians, we need to conserve water. For tips about conserving water and helping your tree grow: click here

  • Why Trees? For information about how trees help your community: click here

  • Here is a handout to learn how powerful trees are: click here

  • ReLeaf is helping develop an Arboriculture Associate Degree program for community colleges. There is a serious shortage of skilled arborists in California, and this is an excellent career path for young people who like physically challenging activities. To learn more click here.

ReLeaf Network Member in Your Area

To find one of our Network organizations in your local community in order to partner on tree planting event, please visit our interactive map here.

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