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California ReLeaf curates a selection of relevant online educational opportunities for you to watch & learn from on-demand.

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Storytelling for Impact

Learn about how to share your organization’s impact through storytelling. Storytelling is an easy way to connect with your desired audiences and influence them to pitch in time, talent, or treasure to your cause. Storyteller and grant writer Katie McCleary has raised over 2.8 million dollars for grassroots nonprofits by sharing stories that inspire, fuel, and seed more positive impact in communities. Participants will learn:

  1. The building blocks of a good story
  2. What compels people to give of time, talent, and treasure
  3. How to capture and share stories that resonate with a variety of audiences
  4. Where (and with whom) to share your stories
  5. Easy sentence starters to get you writing!

Check out PDF presentation and handout to start working on your storytelling skills.

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Check out recordings from our PAST workshops and conferences — along with Powerpoints and additional related resources.


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Our great range of state and national partners offer their own webinars and webinar series. We keep track of them and let you know when they’re coming up!


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In our efforts to grow the canopy and include all communities in tree-planting efforts, we’ve compiled video resources to help you learn more about engaging diverse communities.


Nonprofit Resources

Videos to help you start your on nonprofit, or enhance an organization you’re already working with.


Trees, Trees, Trees!

Our Network Members — the real tree experts — have put together some video resources of their own to help you select, plant, & care for trees. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites!

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