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Bring Advocacy Home

The ReLeaf Network went into the Capitol Building in Sacramento in May and met with legislative members about funding for the Urban and Community Forestry Program. Many of you were shocked by how nervous you were before Lobby Day – and afterwards by how empowered and comfortable you felt with the conversations you had with your state representatives.

Now we want to leverage the energy and momentum from Lobby Day to focus on bringing home the skills you learned. This webinar will talk about the right attitude, tactics, and strategies for advocating at the local level. Our speakers are Ray Tretheway and Alfredo Arredondo.

Ray is the Executive Director of Sacramento Tree Foundation, former Sacramento City Council Member, and current California ReLeaf Board Member. He has years of experience advocating in local government on behalf of Sacramento Tree Foundation as well as being on the other side of the table as a former City Council Member.

Alfredso is President of Priority Strategies, a legislative and political consulting company dedicated to developing and supporting public-interest policies with a focus on the environment and conservation. Based in Sacramento, he has worked as a lobbyist and consultant for groups ranging from international NGOs to smaller community-based groups.

We’ll discuss who you should be advocating to, what issues you can help address in your community, and whether you are allowed to advocate if you are a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status.

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