Webinar Resources: Tools for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Trees

October 20, 2014

Presented by Kelaine Ravdin, Urban Ecos

Sponsored by: Urban Ecos, CAUFC, California ReLeaf, and CAL FIRE


The new round of CAL FIRE urban forestry grants requires applicants to estimate the greenhouse gas effects of the proposed projects. Currently, the policy in this field has outpaced the development of tools to do exactly the kinds of calculations that are needed. In the meantime, a few tools do exist that can be tweaked to get the results we need.

This webinar offered a tutorial to help you get started with the most important part–calculating the benefits of newly planted trees. We focused on using the Tree Carbon Calculator to estimate carbon sequestration, energy conservation and carbon benefits due to conserved energy. The pros and cons of other tools were discussed as well as sources for data on co-benefits like air quality improvement and stormwater management.


Download the presentation PowerPoint here.

You can also listen to the complete webinar here.

Here are a few quick links to get you started.
Tree Carbon Calculator

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Native shrubs and carbon sequestration