Nonprofit Resources

Starting an urban forestry nonprofit is no small task.

Luckily, many brave souls have paved the way and shared the tips, tricks, tools, and materials that they’ve picked up along the way. Here’s a collection of our favorite resources to help you run an effective organization.

A huge thanks to some of our Network Members for contributing documents to this list.

Latest Update – Fair Pay Compensation Survey

Did you know you’ll receive a significant discount on the cost of the Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey report if you fill out their annual survey?

Then you’ll be able to check your organization’s pay scale against other NorCal nonprofits. Detailed information will provide breakdowns by size of organizational budget, geography, specific field of service and more. FYI, urban forest nonprofits fall under Conservation/Environment/Parks but you can also look at info for Community/Economic Development or other sectors.

The deadline to fill out the survey is February 8 – just do it!

Starting & Running An Urban Forestry Nonprofit:

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