National Walking Day

old man walkingToday, take a break from your normal routine and take a walk.


The American Heart Association celebrates National Walking Day every year on the first Wednesday in April. The holiday was created to increase the amount of activity people get and, in turn, their heart health. Healthy urban forests are an important part of making the walks you take for heart heath even better.


People who live in tree-lined neighborhoods are three times more likely to be active than those who live in less green communities. Studies have also shown that the brain operates in a more meditative state when surrounded by nature. Trees clean the air, making it easier to breathe while you’re on your walk. Is it sunny and hot where you are? The shade trees provide can make it comfortable enough to even go out. There is even evidence that time spent in nature can lower your blood pressure, fight off depression, and even prevent cancer.


So, step away from the computer today to celebrate National Walking Day and to enjoy the forest you live in. Your mind and your body will say thank you.