How to Use ReLeaf’s Twitter Lists

Have you ever used Twitter Lists?

Lists are an AMAZING way to filter which tweets you’re scanning.

For example, you can click on the ReLeaf Network list (once you’ve subscribed to our list) and then you’ll see only ReLeaf Network member organization posts. A good way to check out any new links to tree and urban forest research as well as cool activities in California’s community forests.

Or learn about fundraising in small doses (tweet by tweet) by subscribing to the Philanthropic Education list…

To learn how to leverage Twitter Lists, go to:

ReLeaf has the following lists you can subscribe to:

  • Green Jobs: Trees
  • Health Voices
  • Philanthropic Foundations
  • Philanthropic Education
  • Enviro Justice/Diversity
  • ReLeaf Network (are YOU on our Network list? Follow @CalReleaf…)

If you ever want to talk Twitter lists, call Cindy Blain at 916.497.0034.