Green Jobs

Green Jobs

Increasing the tree canopy in under-served urban neighborhoods goes hand-in-hand with green jobs and workforce development.

Tree Care Careers: Good for Our Communities

Creating Equitable Career Pathways in Urban Forestry – Webinar

Sarah Anderson, American Forests
Devon Buskin, The Greening of Detroit

Employers are desperate to fill a labor shortage on the front lines in urban forestry, yet struggle to source and retain a sustainable workforce. Few employers have successfully tapped into the supply of workers in communities with the lowest tree canopy cover, which tend to have higher rates of unemployment. In this webinar, Sarah Anderson will present American Forests’ efforts to address the shortage nationally through Tree Equity…Learn More.

“This industry is filled with multimillionaries who started out with pick-up trucks”. – Mark Garvin, TCIA

Due to the serious shortage of skilled arborists nationwide, the Tree Care Industry Association — have made workforce development a top priority.

California ReLeaf actively supports this initiative, because communities need trees AND jobs. Merritt College in Oakland has a new Urban Arborist career path, enroll now! The Urban Arboriculture program has both Certificate and Degree options. Learn more by reading the flyer and checking out their Urban Arboriculture webpage. Download jpegs for Social Media posts.

How Community Engagement Can Lead to Green Jobs

The tree care business is booming! And needs You…to help spread the word.

Tree care companies are ready to hire young adults now.

California ReLeaf believes this is an excellent opportunity for community‐based urban forest programs to bring trees to all of our urban neighborhoods AND information about job opportunities and tree care training. Having tree care employees earning a steady income in all of our communities will help improve the “tree literacy” of the neighborhood as well its economic vitality.

Here’s the new website launched by the Tree Care Industry Association about being an arborist in summer 2017:

While teaching students to plant trees… 

Middle School: Share that this is a potential career.

High School: If a student becomes highly engaged in tree planting, you can point them to the various training options: directly with a tree care company or through the community college programs such as the Tree Care & Maintenance certificate program at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut or the Associate of Arts degree program currently in development at Merritt College in Oakland — and potentially Mt. SAC as well.

Important Educational Resources for potential job seekers

Community Colleges: Arboriculture programs are expected to roll out Fall 2018.

Merritt College in Oakland, CA has a brand new Urban Arborist/Arboriculture program, which starts in Fall 2018. Contact Laura Forlin in the Horticulture Dept. to discuss the new program. Tel: (510) 436‐2418 Email:

Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Walnut, CA has a Tree Care and Maintenance Certificate program.

Tree Care Companies with Career Paths and Training Programs:

A Plus Tree, Inc. ‐ offices in NorCal, SoCal, and San Diego
Chad Brey: Tel (510) 593‐9414 Email:

Arborwell ‐ offices in the Bay Area, SoCal, and San Diego
Cindy Kirkman: Tel : (510) 606‐1200 Email:

Davey Tree Expert Company ‐ offices throughout the state
Andrew Misch: Tel: (916) 350‐0525 Email:

West Coast Arborists, Inc. ‐ offices throughout the state
Joe Bartolo: Tel: (714) 412‐7656 Email: Located in San Francisco, CA
Cristina Diaz: Tel: (800) 521-3714 Email: Located in Anaheim, CA

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