COVID-19 Resources for NGOs

Resources for ReLeaf Network during COVID-19 Disruption

We recognize you are receiving a high volume of information about COVID-19 and public health. You may also be thinking about how your organization can continue providing services and prevent your nonprofit from becoming financially stressed. Below are some resources we have compiled about emergency relief funds for nonprofits from both state and federal, donors and fundraising, working remotely, and how to deal with stress.

Government Funding Support Resources (Fed, State, and Small Business Administration)

Funding and Donor Relations Recommendations

Working from Home: Tips & Resources

Tree Care in the time of COVID
We will continue to monitor updates about what the state considers an “essential activity,” especially in regards to tree care as we get closer to warmer temperatures. At this time we expect that all group tree planting activity will be put on hold until the fall.

Multi-Topic Info Sites