California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee – Call For Nominations

The California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee (CUFAC) has been established to advise the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) on the State’s Urban Forestry Program.  Each CUFAC member is the voice of the constituency represented by the position they hold on the Committee.  For example, if a member is appointed to the Committee in the city/town government position, that member is representing the voice of all city/town governments Statewide, not just their own city or town.  All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that at least one CUFAC member will be from each of the 7 Regional Urban Forest Council areas, and they will be additionally assigned to speak for that area.  In the event that a Regional Council Area Representative cannot be found, a CUFAC member will be asked to speak for and report to that area.  For more information about the CUFAC charter and the committee positions, click here.



  • The Committee will be familiar with or become familiar with the California Urban Forestry Act of 1978 (PRC 4799.06-4799.12) which governs how the program is to be run.
  • The Committee will develop a comprehensive CAL FIRE Urban Forestry action plan and evaluate the implementation of that plan.
  • The Committee also will review criteria for and submit recommendations for Urban Forestry Program activities, including grant programs.
  • The Committee will provide recommendations on how the Urban Forestry Program can best contribute toward the Climate Action Team strategy (and approved protocols) for Urban Forestry to sequester 3.5 million tons (CO2 equivalent) of climate change gasses by 2020.
  • The committee will provide recommendations and input on current issues facing the Urban Forestry Program.
  • The committee will recommend potential outreach activities and strategic partnerships for the Urban Forestry Program.
  • The Committee will be familiar with the Urban Forestry Program’s funding sources and structure.

To download a nomination form, click here.