ReLeaf Car Donation Program

Photo by Tree Guild of Arroyo Grande

Support California ReLeaf by turning your old CAR into TREES! By donating your old car, you can help clean our air. Your donation will help plant and maintain trees. Because trees breathe in carbon and other pollutants, we breathe in cleaner air.


California ReLeaf supports grassroots community groups who advocate and create cleaner air by planting and maintaining urban and community forests. Urban trees are important to cities because residents in cities suffer from bad air and multiple respiratory problems.

Why donate to California ReLeaf? Because trees are important:
  1. California ReLeaf provide educational material to organizations in California about how to take care of trees and maintenance.
  2. We provide grants to organizations throughout California to plant trees and education youth about the importance of urban forestry and tree benefits.
  3. California ReLeaf work with other groups such as environmental justice, public health and affordable housing organizations to advocate for disadvantaged
  4. Working with legislators and state agencies, we are advocating and co-sponsoring a bill to update the Urban Forest state code to reflect current trees concerns, such as tree maintenance, drought, pest and diseases.
  5. We are also supporting the development of a community college curriculum for an Arboriculture A.A. Degree to highlight this career path and the urgent need for trained arborists.

Story from a network member:

Our grants have been beneficial to many organizations throughout California and disadvantages communities. The Incredible Edible Community Garden recently received a grant to honor WWII veterans through a project called “The Route 66 Veterans Memorial Corridor,” which planted 200 trees in San Bernardino County. This project is not only providing tree canopy, but it will benefit communities who are the most disadvantaged in California and honor WWII veterans. In addition to planting trees, this project will teach students about different ecosystems and the appropriate trees to plant.

Donating is Easy:

Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to California ReLeaf by simply calling CARS at 855-500- RIDE or by completing the form here.  CARS, our nonprofit partner, will work with you to arrange the pick-up of your vehicle donation, at no cost to you. You may qualify for a significant tax deduction while supporting California ReLeaf and urban trees! It’s really easy.

And if you don’t have an old car, but you still want to donate to California ReLeaf click here. You can still make a meaningful contribution and clean the air with urban trees.