Join the ReLeaf Network

The California ReLeaf Network was formed in 1989 as a statewide forum for exchange, education, and mutual support for community-based organizations that share the common goals of planting and protecting trees, fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship, and promoting volunteer involvement.

Network members vary from small groups of dedicated individuals, working after hours to improve their communities, to well-established nonprofit organizations with paid staff. Activities range from planting and caring for urban trees to restoring native oak habitat and riparian areas; from advocating better tree pruning practices and helping cities develop progressive tree policies to raising public awareness of the benefits of healthy urban forests.

Membership Benefits

  1. Ongoing advocacy at the statewide level.
  2. Listing in our online Network directory, connecting you with more volunteers & partners.
  3. Regular network-specific emails with leading-edge information on new funding opportunities, legislative alerts, and key urban forestry topics.
  4. Your work — successes, stories, job postings — amplified via California ReLeaf’s online platforms, statewide partners, and national presentations.
  5. Pass-through grant opportunities directly from California ReLeaf.
  6. Your tree planting, tree care, & volunteer data compiled annually to support continued urban forest funding in California from the U.S. Forest Service (look for your annual survey in May!).
  7. A direct connection to 90+ ReLeaf Network members for peer-to-peer learning, including:
    • Annual conferences with stipends, reduced rates, or priority registration,
    • On-demand webinars for learning on-the-go and as your time allows and
    • Online educational resources, such as sample employee handbooks, contracts, and more.

Network Member Expectations

  1. Pay Annual Dues each calendar year (watch for renewal notification in January).
  2. Complete an annual Network Member survey each June.
  3. Provide California ReLeaf with current contact information.
  4. Plant/steward trees and/or teach about the urban forest and its benefits.
  5. Speak for the trees in your community and share your stories with other Network Members.

To join the ReLeaf Network, fill out the form and pay membership dues. Contact us if you have any questions!

The ReLeaf Network membership dues are $120 annually. This is the suggested amount.

In addition to your regular membership dues, we ask that you please consider giving an additional amount to support advocacy, based on your organization’s annual budget:

  • Annual budget of $75,000 or less: $30 (or $150 total)
  • Annual budget of $75,001 – $300,000: $180  (or $300 total)
  • Annual budget of $300,001 or more: $480 (or $600 total)

To become a members, you can pay annual fee and any additional advocacy support here: