Groundbreaking Partnership: Urban Corps is Now Providing Charter High School Services To CCC

Urban Corps of San Diego County has partnered with the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to provide charter high school services to members of the CCC’s San Diego Center in National City and the CCC satellite center in Vista. The groundbreaking partnership represents the first time the CCC has partnered with an independent local conservation corps to provide academic services.

There are currently 47 CCC students enrolled in Urban Corps Charter School in both National City and Vista location. CCC Director David Muraki and Center Director Victor Avila have both praised the new partnership.

“This is only week one but I have to say you and your staff have been ‘better than your word,” Avila wrote to Robert Chávez, CEO of the Urban Corps, the week after school started. “I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and commitment they have demonstrated. I even had one corpsmember thank me for making this choice.”

“Urban Corps shares many core values with the CCC,” says Dean Dan Thomas. “What’s more, our students share many of the same backgrounds and academic needs. UCCS is able to create an accelerated yet flexible program which enables corpsmembers with diverse backgrounds and academic levels to succeed. We are also providing access to support services through our Corps-to-Career program to ensure corpsmembers succeed beyond their participation in the CCC.”