1. National Walking Day

    Today, take a break from your normal routine and take a walk.   The American Heart Association celebrates National Walking Day every year on the first Wednesday in April. The holiday was created to increase the amount of activity people get and, in turn, their heart health. Healthy urban forests are an important part of making the walks you take for heart heath even better.   People who live in tree-lined neighborhoods are three times more likely to be active than those who live in less green communities. Studies have also shown that the brain operates in a more meditative...
  2. Be the Lorax

    Celebrate California Arbor Week. Join us for an event. Plant or care for a tree. Make a donation.   Be the Lorax. If you donate $25 or more during the month of March, you will receive a gift of “The Lorax” DVD. Join us as we celebrate California Arbor Week and California ReLeaf’s 25th Anniversary.
  3. 2014 California Arbor Week Winning Posters

    We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2014 California Arbor Week Poster Contest. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!   And thanks to all of our Poster Contest sponsors: CAL FIRE, Union Bank, and the California Community Forest Foundation.   3rd Grade Winner Carolyn Lum, Roseville     4th Grade Winner Paige Davis, Wheatland                                                     5th Grade Winner Alyanna Almario, Beale Air Force Base
  4. Volunteers Make a Difference in Woodland

    Volunteers can make a huge difference for their communities. The amazing folks at Woodland Tree Foundation, a California ReLeaf Network member, are the perfect example of how people with a common goal can make their communities stronger, their neighborhoods more beautiful, and their town’s residents healthier.
  5. Andy Lipkis Speaks Up About Water

    Recently, TreePeople‘s founder and Executive Director Andy Lipkis was interviewed by Transition Network about the drought occurring throughout California. In the interview, Andy talks about his past experiences that led to the foundation of one of the most influential environmental organizations in the state. He also talks about how integration between top down and bottom up measures has to happen to design creative solutions to our states water problems. Trees and green environments are a big part of that integrated design.   To read the full interview, click here.
  6. New Way to Donate Through Facebook

    The feature is still in its test phase, but Facebook has developed a new way for people to give to nonprofit organizations. Donate, the newly created feature, will allow people to contribute directly to nonprofits through Facebook.   Your organization may already have a donate button on their Facebook page, but that’s been created through an app and runs through an outside vendor like PayPal or Network for Good. That button is also only visible if a person visits your organization’s Page.   The Donate feature will appear beside Posts in the News Feed and at the top of participating...
  7. Prop 39 Implementation

    Let’s Shade Some Schools California voters passed Proposition 39 in 2012 by a 60% margin in order to eliminate a corporate tax loophole and provide $550 million each year over the next five years for energy efficiency projects throughout the state.   Flash forward to the present. The California Energy Commission has adopted Proposition 39 implementation guidelines, and is ready to roll out nearly $430 million to schools and community colleges to support energy efficiency upgrades that range from solar panels to HVAC improvements to, yes it is true, tree planting projects that support energy conservation.   This is a...
  8. 36 Hours in Sacramento

    36 Hours in Sacramento by Chuck Mills   When a year’s worth of work comes closer to fruition over a such a short period, it’s hard to take time and absorb the good news. This is especially true when it’s better than expected.   Nonetheless, that is what we were faced with in the latter part of the first full week in January, 2014. And on a Sunday afternoon in my quiet office in downtown Sacramento, surrounded by more tree species than I know by name, I am taking the time and absorbing the good news.   I believe it...