Anniversary Interviews

Over the past 25 years, California ReLeaf has been assisted, led, and championed by many incredible people. At the beginning of 2014, Amelia Oliver interviewed many of those people who made the most impact during California ReLeaf’s early years.

Check back often for more interviews as we continue to celebrate our history and our future!

Andy Lipkis interview

Ellen Bailey interview

Jim Geiger interview

Ray Tretheway interview

Rhonda Berry Interview

Wilder and Woollier

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Andy Lipkis

Andy Trotter

Brian Kempf

Corey Brown

Dana Karcher

Elisabeth Hoskins

Ellen Bailey

Eric Oldar

Felix Posos

Gail Church

Genevieve Cross

Greg McPherson
Jane Bender
Jean Nagy
Jen Scott
Jim Geiger
John Melvin
Ken Knight
Martha Ozonoff
Nancy Hughes
Ray Tretheway
Rhonda Berry
Rick Hawley
Rick Mathews
Sandy Macias
Stephanie Funk
Susan Stiltz